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Meetings for the month of January 2018

2017 (entire year)

12/01/2018 Fourth Conference on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development, Santiago de Chile
With: The World Bank Group
Organizers: Paola Conconi, Viviana Araneda and Daria Taglioni
The production of most goods is increasingly organized along global value chains, in which different stages of the production process are fragmented across countries. The CEPR Research Network on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development was established to stimulate debate on the important and timely questions raised by the emergence of global value chains. The World Bank Group has also identified as a key priority to help developing countries to connect to, and develop through global value chains. CEPR and the World Bank Group have decided to join forces to foster debate and collaborations in this area among researchers in both academic and policy institutions.

After the first three events held in North America (Washington, DC), Europe (Geneva), and Asia (Singapore), the next conference of the research network will take place in Latin America (Santiago de Chile) on January 12-13, 2018.

The conference is organised by Paola Conconi (Director of the CEPR Research Network on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development), Daria Taglioni (Principal Economist, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group), and Viviana Araneda (Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Keynote speakers: Lorenzo Caliendo Yale University, School of Management Gianmarco Ottaviano London School of Economics

18/01/2018 PRONTO: Final Conference, Vienna
Hosted By: Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW)
Organizers: Ronald Davies, Joseph Francois and Robert Stehrer
Over the past fifty years, there has been significant progress in lowering tariff barriers to international trade. This has led to a growing awareness of the importance of what are termed the "new" Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs). The relevance of these new NTMs has grown with the rising importance of global sourcing and multinational enterprises. Today, with the dominance of global value chains and the increased tradability of non-tangible products, we are confronted with new and important questions about the impact of NTMs on competitiveness and productivity. To better understand these issues, we invite the submission of papers on the following topics:

• Quantifying the incidence of NTMs in goods and services
• Costs, benefits and regulatory objectives of NTMs
• Sustainabilty and the regulation of trade and investment
• Quantifying the social and economic impacts of NTMs
• Political economy determinants of NTMs
• NTMs and global and regional supply chains

To propose a paper for the conference, please submit abstracts of 200-250 words. The abstract should give the paper title, a short description of the research paper, including the aim of the research, main results (if already available), methodology etc. Each paper will be discussed by another participant, (you will be asked to indicate whether you are willing to act as a discussant on your reply form). If you have a draft version of the paper, please submit this with the abstract.

Travel and accommodation funding will be available to all participants on the programme. However, if you could cover the costs of your attendance from a research grant at your disposal this would free up space for someone else. Please indicate on your reply form whether you will be able to cover your own travel costs or whether you will require funding.

Where CEPR does contribute to travel costs, this will be in accordance with the CEPR Travel Guidelines:

How to apply
For CEPR members, please submit your paper via the CEPR online system by visiting If you do not have a personal profile to use this area of the CEPR website as yet, you can create one here:

Authors who are not CEPR members can email their submission to Amanda Vincent-Rous in the CEPR Events team at with the subject header ‘2503 - PRONTO Final Conference’.

The application deadline is 18:00 GMT on Wednesday 29 November 2017. We aim to notify successful applicants by mid-December 2017.

Organised by:
Joseph Francois (University of Bern, WTI, and CEPR)
Ron Davies (University College Dublin)

Local organisers:
Robert Stehrer (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies)
Veronika Cervinka-Janýrová (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies)

PRONTO is a collaborative research project on regulatory barriers to trade.
Visit us at

18/01/2018 Finance and Investment: The European Case, London
This book is the product of a two-year research programme entitled Restarting European Long-Term Investment Finance (RELTIF) organized by Assonime and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London.

The programme brought together leading researchers from across the world to consider the causes for the persistently low level of investment in Europe, to examine the extent to which the financial system was a contributory factor and to identify possible policy remedies for it. It considered the relation of finance to corporate sector investment, the lending behaviour of banks, the provision of equity financing, the role of public sector institutions, regulation and taxation.

The chapters in this volume provide one of the most comprehensive and thorough analyses of any financial system that has been undertaken to date. They reflect a large body of research using new and existing data sets, employing advanced empirical tools, and exploiting the unique insights provided by the tumultuous events of the financial and sovereign debt crises. Together they comprise an exceptional body of knowledge to advance academic thinking and guide policy formulation in the future.

19/01/2018 Housing - Learning from the past and looking to the future, London
A one day conference of invited papers looking at aspects of housing markets over the longer term and drawing on experiences from many countries. The aim is to see what we might learn about the future course of housing market conditions (in terms of prices, ownership structures, financing conditions and the impact of those things on the wider economy) from the past. Policy implications will be discussed in the final session.

The conference is organised by the Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis at Imperial College Business School and the Centre for Economic Policy Research. It will be held in London at 170 Queens Gate, South Kensington, London.

• Space is liminted so please do ensure you register early using the following link.