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Meetings for the month of February 2018

2017 (entire year)

01/02/2018 Political Economy of Conflicts and Development, Villars
With: Université de LausanneSupported By: European Research Council
Hotel Du Golf, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland

23/02/2018 Economic Divergence and Convergence in History, Abu Dhabi
Hosted By: New York University, Abu Dhabi
Organizers: Stephen N Broadberry and Robert Allen
We are writing to invite you to submit a paper proposal or to express your interest in attending the CEPR-NYU Economic History Conference, which will take place in Abu Dhabi, 23-25 February 2018. The event will be organised by Bob Allen (NYU-Abu Dhabi and CEPR) and Steve Broadberry (Nuffield College, Oxford University and CEPR).

The symposium aims to bring together leading researchers in the field.

Papers are being sought on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:

• Economic growth in the very long run
• Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa
• Institutions and economic development
• The history of the international economy

If you would like to submit a paper proposal, please upload a draft with your reply form by visiting and indicate whether or not you wish to present a paper or act as a discussant. You will also be asked to specify your funding requirements. If you do not have a profile please send your submission to Mandy Chan at

The deadline for replies is Thursday 23 November, 18:00 GMT. We cannot accept submissions received after this date.

The conference will take place at New York University’s newly established Abu Dhabi campus. Hotel accommodation and some meals will be provided by NYU-Abu Dhabi. NYU’s travel agent will book flights and supply tickets. The organisers will notify prospective participants as soon as possible of their decision.

You may also like to read our Guidelines on how to register online for CEPR Meetings. If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting, please contact Mandy Chan, Events Officer, at or +44 20 7183 8801.

Yours sincerely,

The Organisers

Bob Allen (NYU-Abu Dhabi and CEPR)
Steve Broadberry (Nuffield College, Oxford, and CEPR)