Open Calls for Papers

Conference calls for papers and applications across all CEPR programme areas that are currently receiving submissions have been listed below. For any questions on how to submit, please get in touch with CEPR's events team:​

CEPR European Workshop on Household Finance

6-7 October, 2017

The objective is to present state-of-the-art empirical and theoretical research on household financial behavior and on how it is influenced by other choices, government policies, and the overall economic environment. 

We solicit papers in the following areas, but other related areas may also be considered:

• Asset allocation and debt behavior over the life cycle
• Financing retirement and the demographic transition
• Consumer indebtedness, financial distress, and default decisions
• Behavioral approaches to household finance
• Financial literacy and financial education programs
• Trust, subjective expectations, pessimism, and financial decisions
• International comparisons of household finances using micro-data
• Financial advice and legal protection of investors and borrowers

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Bank of Finland and CEPR joint conference on Demographics and the Macroeconomy

12-13 October, 2017

It has been argued that demographics is one of the main headwinds for future growth in especially the more advanced economies, such as many of the European economies and the US. Indeed, between 2005 and 2050, the share of population over 60 is expected to rise not only in the more advanced economies, but in nearly every country in the world. Researchers have already looked into how changes in the size and the composition of an economy's population influence macroeconomic outcomes. They have identified channels through which demographic changes affect an economy on top of those mentioned above: savings and investment behaviour, labour market decisions and aggregate demand and supply responses. Equally important are the potential effects on public sector finance. Increases in e.g. health and retirement expenses, and more generally future entitlements raise issues of sustainability of public sector finances. 

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ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop: Labour Supply, Education, Low Growth and Low Wages after the Crisis

12-13 December, 2017
Keynote Speaker: Enrico Moretti (University of California, Berkeley and CEPR).

The workshop, organised by the European Central Bank and CEPR, will focus on labour supply, education and wages during the recovery, with an emphasis on micro/macro linkages.

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International Financial Integration in a Changing Policy Context - The End of an Era?

1-2 March 2018

Global Financial Integration has faced major changes and challenges since the 2008-09 global financial crisis. The crisis was followed by a persistent drop in capital flows among advanced economies. In Europe, sharp current account adjustments took place in countries with large deficits, but large surpluses did not correct. Monetary policy in advanced economies experimented with unconventional tools to counter the economic slump and avoid deflation, raising questions about the timing and implementation of policy normalisation, and about the impact of asynchronous moves by monetary authorities on financial flows, current accounts and exchange rates. Regulatory reform has been reshaping international finance since the crisis (e.g. Basel III-IV, EU banking union, macro-prudential regulations, tax harmonization of offshore finances,...) with the effect of strengthening capital positions of financial institutions, but also with implications for credit growth and financial integration. Finally, globalisation is increasingly blamed for limiting national sovereignty on economic matters; protectionist attitudes among voters and political movements are on the rise, and already shape the agenda of a number of governments in advanced economies. 

The conference will focus on the state of play with global imbalances, exchange rate developments, and financial integration, with a view to assess challenges from a forward-looking perspective.

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11th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation

Lenzerheide, Switzerland
18-21 March 2018

The organising committee of this small, informal conference invites submissions of high quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Schweizerhof in the mountain resort of Lenzerheide, Switzerland ( The academic programme starts Monday morning (March 19) at 08:00 and ends Wednesday (March 21) before noon. Further details and information on past conferences can be found on

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