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CEPR Discussion Papers 19 February 2017
This e-book is the second in a series of three examining the shadow that history casts over various aspects of the economy and the polity. In particular this volume provides an overview of how economists have attempted to shed light on the effects of European colonisers on development and culture across Africa and Asia.
CEPR Discussion Papers 12 February 2017
Every week CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. This week we have a pair of papers: "Capital Flows and the International Credit Channel" and "International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles" by Yusuf Soner Baskaya, Julian di Giovanni, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, José Luis Peydró and Mehmet Fatih Ulu. You can see Sebnem talk about her work in the paper on our latest Vox Video.
CEPR Discussion Papers 5 February 2017