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Europe is in crisis. Populism and nationalism are on the rise. Along with the Brexit vote and refugee crisis, the stresses on the EU are like nothing we’ve seen in recent decades. Where do we go from here? This eBook relates the thinking of leading economists and political scientists on the key problems and how they could be tackled.
CEPR Discussion Papers 26 February 2017
The €-coin indicator rose for the ninth consecutive month in February (to 0.75 from 0.68 in January), reaching its highest level since early 2010.
CEPR Discussion Papers 19 February 2017
This e-book is the second in a series of three examining the shadow that history casts over various aspects of the economy and the polity. In particular this volume provides an overview of how economists have attempted to shed light on the effects of European colonisers on development and culture across Africa and Asia.