CEPR Discussion Papers 30 July 2017
In July €-coin rose slightly to 0.63, from 0.62 in June, remaining at cyclically high levels.
Congratulations to CEPR Research Fellow, Christian Dustmann and FE Programme Director, Franklin Allen who have been elected as Fellows of the British Academy.
Every month CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. The free paper for July 2017 is "Measuring the market size for cannabis: A new approach using forensic economics" by Imran Rasul
The new Anthony Atkinson Chair in Economics, named in memory of Professor Tony Atkinson, has been awarded to Professor Oriana Bandiera, Director of STICERD at the LSE and Programme Director of CEPR's Development Economics programme.
An op-ed piece written by Chad Bown and Alan O. Sykes based on their chapter for the CEPR eBook "Economics and Policy in the Age of Trump" prompted discussion from the US Commerce Secretary and Eduardo Porter of the New York Times.
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CEPR are currently recruiting for two positions to join our office in London - a Projects Officer, and an Office Administrator