Every month CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. The free paper for August 2017 is "A Central Bank's Optimal Balance Sheet Size?" by Charles A Goodhart
CEPR Discussion Papers 17 September 2017
CEPR Discussion Papers 10 September 2017
CEPR Discussion Papers 03 September 2017
In August €-coin rose to 0.67 from 0.63 in July, increasing for the third consecutive month.
CEPR Discussion Papers 27 August 2017
This first report in CEPR's new series, Monitoring International Integration, identifies economic and social characteristics associated with Europe’s growing trust deficit in some EU countries, as well as factors associated with support for non-mainstream political parties and movements labelled as 'anti-EU'.
CEPR Discussion Papers 20 August 2017
Updates on the ECBN Network, whose mission is to foster cooperation among research departments of participating central banks on selected key topics, with a focus on Emerging Europe.
CEPR Discussion Papers 13 August 2017