New CEPR Discussion Papers for the week ending 01 January 2017
In December, €-coin recorded its seventh consecutive increase (to 0.59 from 0.45 in November), the highest level recorded since spring of 2011.
CEPR Discussion Papers 18 December 2016
Every week CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. The free paper for the week ending 11/12/2016 is "Globalization and Wage Inequality" by Elhanan Helpman
CEPR Discussion Papers 11 December 2016
CEPR Discussion Papers 4 December 2016
In November €-coin increased for the sixth consecutive month, rising to 0.45 from 0.38 in October, the highest level since March.
New CEPR Discussion Papers for the week ending 27 November 2016
CEPR Discussion Papers 20 November 2016
Professor Luis Garicano has been announced by Ciudadanos’ president Albert Rivera to lead their team in the negotiations of Spain’s state budget.