CEPR Fellows Imran Rasul and Daniel Rogger are the first award winners of the Deutsche Bahn Prize for Outstanding Research in Organisation and Management.
CEPR Research Fellows, Professor Kjetil Storesletten and Professor Fabrizio Zilibotti, are the co-winners of the Sun Yefang 2012 Award for their article "Growing Like China" (joint with Zheng Song) published in the American Economic Review 2011. More....
€-coin improved in August for the second consecutive month from -0.09 to -0.04.
Research Fellow Roger Farmer has won the first Maurice Allais prize for his CEPR Discussion Paper "The Inefficient Markets Hypothesis: Why Financial Markets Do Not Work Well in the Real World".
CEPR, the Macro Finance Risk Center and CIFRA at the University of Amsterdam recently hosted a joint workshop on the topic of 'Micro Foundations for Macro Finance Research'. Organised by Viral Acharya (NYU Stern and CEPR) and Enrico Perotti (UVA and CEPR), the workshop focused on building better micro foundations for macro finance research.
€-coin rose in July to -0.09, offsetting the deterioration recorded in the previous two months.
The 13th Report from Global Trade Alert shows that Latin America has not just been a victim of protectionism imposed by other parts of the world, as some policymakers and commentators assert, but that many Latin American governments have taken also numerous, occasionally creative steps to tilt the playing field in favour of domestic firms.
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Two CEPR researchers, Elias Papaioannou and Klaus Zimmermann, have won the first European Investment Bank (EIB) awards in recognition of their respective research on “Growth, employment and convergence, with applications to the European Union", which is the topic of the prize. The EIB Prize, launched this year, was created by the EIB Institute to recognise and stimulate excellence in economic and social research, its implementation and diffusion.
A June meeting of the Centre's Regulatory Reform Forum discussed the impact of low nominal interest rates on the financial sector. Giovanni Dell'Ariccia, José-Luis Peydró, and Philip Turner spoke, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Viral Acharya.