Research Fellow Armin Falk has been awarded the 2011 Yrjö Jahnsson Prize
Research Fellow Stefan Gerlach has been appointed Deputy Governor at the Central Bank of Ireland, with responsibility for central banking functions.
Former Programme Director Lars-Hendrik Röller has been appointed as chief economic policy advisor to the German government
The Eurozone crisis is coming to a head. This open letter to European leaders implores them to take decisive action this week.
This report by CEPR Research Fellow Tim Hatton provides a concise narrative and fresh analysis of the number and composition of asylum seekers, the political and social reaction to them, and the evolution of policy in the OECD.
Lucrezia Reichlin has been appointed as the Centre's Research Director, succeeding Mathias Dewatripont.
Mathias Dewatripoint, CEPR's Research Director, has been appointed as an Executive Director of the Bank, with responsibility for prudential policy and financial stability
Ahead of a gathering of WTO members in Geneva, the authors in this Vox eBook - trade experts from across the world - identify the perils of allowing Doha to flounder, and the hard choices governments must make to break the current deadlock.
CEPR Researchers will comprise eight of the 15 members selected for the European Systemic Risk Board's newly established Advisory Scientific Committee
Cash crops provide the livelihoods for millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. This new CEPR/World Bank book explores the effects of increasing competition in these markets and finds that while competition improves welfare for farmers on the whole, policymakers should still consider the potential winners and losers in each case.