CEPR Discussion Papers 30 October 2016
CEPR Discussion Papers 23 October 2016
The latest in CEPR's influential Policy Insight series examines the links between use of the contraceptive pill in Western Countries, the effects that the resulting population patterns have had and will have on interest rates and the measures that will be needed to accomodate such changes.
Keep an eye out for our new eBook on Brexit negotiations edited by our Policy Director, Charles Wyplosz. To be released 24th October
CEPR Discussion Papers 16 October 2016
CEPR Discussion Papers 9 October 2016
Every week CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. The free paper for the week ending 09/10/2016 is "On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration" by Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Tommaso Frattini, Luigi Minale and Uta Schönberg
Beata Javorcik is Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford. She specialises in international trade and economic development. Prior to coming to Oxford, she worked for eight years at the World Bank in Washington DC where she was involved in research activities, lending operations and provision of policy advice to developing countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.
CEPR Discussion Papers 2 October 2016
In September the €-coin indicator recorded a new, slight increase, to 0.34 from 0.32 in August, returning to the level reported in March.