European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT)

European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT)

St. Gallen, Switzerland
 6-8 June 2018

Conference Venue

University of St. Gallen, Dufourstrasse 50, CH-9000, St. Gallen

Name of Building: B-Building, Room: 09-011

Campus Map

Coffee Breaks will take place in front of the meeting room 09-011

Lunches will take place in University Mensa - vouchers will be issued to you so that you can eat/drink what you want. There are several warm dishes to choose from as well as a generous salad buffet.

Dinners will take place in restaurants in town, further information will be provided shortly.

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Don, Webergasse 22, CH-9000, St. Gallen, Email: [email protected], Website: Single: 135/145 CHF / Dual: 155 CHF including breakfast. No car parking space.

Hotel Sorell City Weissenstein, Davidstrasse 22, CH-9000, St. Gallen, Email: [email protected], Website:​Single: 145/155 CHF / Dual: 165 CHF including breakfast. Car parking is 12 CHF per night.

Hotel Vadian Garni, Gallusstrasse 36, CH9000, St. Gallen, Email [email protected], Website: Single: 121.50 CHF including breakfast. No car parking space.

Hotel Metropol, Bahnhofpl. 3, CH-9000, St. Gallen, Email: [email protected], Website: Single: 150 CHF including breakfast. Car parking is 25 CHF per night.

Hotel Radisson, St. Jakob-Strasse 55, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Email: [email protected], Website: Single: 190 CHF Double 217 including breakfast. Car parking is 25 CHF per night.

The organisers will pay only for the hotel rooms, during the days of the conference if you have been allocated accommodation funding. Room service and other incidental expenses should be covered by the guests when checking out. All major credit cards and cash is accepted in local currency.

If you have not been allocated accommodation funding you will need to settle the bill when checking out.


You will need to arrange your own ground transportation. The nearest airport is Zurich Airport and the nearest station is St. Gallen Main Station. The best way to get from Zurich Airport to St. Gallen is by train which departs every 30 mins. The train will cost approximately 14.50 CHF, the train journey is 50 mins and the distance is 85KM. Train tickets must be purchased before getting on the train, tickets cannot be brought on the train and you should not board the train without a ticket otherwise a fine will be issued. Train-schedules and tickets can be downloaded on

To travel from the hotel to the conference venue you can either take a bus or walk. If you take a bus take either bus number 5 towards "Rotmonten", leaving from St. Gallen Main Station. Or bus number 9 towards "Universität/Gaterstrasse", leaving at the back of St. Gallen Main Station. The bus will cost approximately 2.40 CHF, the bus journey is 5 mins and is 1-5KM.  


City Map


Wednesday, 06.06.2018 at 7pm, Restaurant Lokremise, Grünbergstr. 7, St. Gallen. That’s right behind the main-station:

Thursday, 07.06.2018 at 7pm, Restaurant Lagerhaus, Davidstrasse 42,St. Gallen: