European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) 2020 - Programme


European Research Workshop in International Trade

(ERWIT) 2020

 Hosted and Sponsored by

Centro Studi Luca d'Agliano, University of Milan, Baffi Carefin Centre - Bocconi University,

Centre for Economic Policy Research, and the Horizon 2020 MICROPROD Project

With the contribution of the Achille and Giulia Boroli Chair in European Studies - Bocconi University

21-23 October 2020, Online via Zoom

Video Recordings

*All timings are in Central European Summer Time

For each 30 min slot, presenters have 20 mins to present their paper and a total 5-10 mins has been allocated for general discussion.


                                 Wednesday 21 October


 Introduction - Beata Javorcik (EBRD, University of Oxford and CEPR)


Exporting Ideas: Knowledge Flows from Expanding Trade in Goods

Marc Melitz, Harvard University and CEPR (with Philippe Aghion, Antonin Bergeaud, Timothee Gigout and Matthieu Lequien)


The Geography of Knowledge Production: Connecting Islands and Ideas

Andreas Moxnes, Princeton University, University of Oslo and CEPR (with Andrew Bernard and Yukiko U. Saito)


Trade and Worker Deskilling

Swati Dhingra, London School of Economics and CEPR (with Rui Costa and Stephen Machin)


Virtual Coffee Break


Misallocation in the Market for Inputs: Enforcement and the Organization of Production (Presentation Slides)

Johannes Boehm, Sciences Po (with Ezra Oberfield)


Jobs and Technology in General Equilibrium: A Three-Elasticites Approach (Presentation Slides)

Jan Haaland, Norwegian School of Economics and CEPR (with Richard Baldwin and Anthony Venables)


MICROPROD SESSION - Can My SME Join your GVC? Measuring and Explaining the Nature of Buyer-Supplier Relationships Across Firms (Presentation Slides)

Gábor Békés, Central European University, CERS and CEPR (with Miklós Koren, Balázs Muraközy and Álmos Telegdy)

                                Thursday 22 October

14:00-14:10 Introduction - Giorgio Barba Navaretti (Università degli Studi di Milano, Centro Studi Luca d'Agliano and CEPR)


Trade Disruption, Industrialisation, and the Setting Sun of British Colonial Rule in India

Roberto Bonfatti, Universities of Padua and Nottingham (with Björn Brey)


When Tariffs Disturb Global Supply Chains (Presentation Slides)

Gene Grossman, Princeton University and CEPR (with Elhanan Helpman)


Disputes in International Investment and Trade (Presentation Slides)

Ralph Ossa, University of Zurich and CEPR (with Robert Staiger and Alan Sykes)


Virtual Coffee Break



Consumption-led Growth (Presentation Slides)

OIeg Itskhoki, Princeton University (with Markus Brunnermeier and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas)


Firm Organization with Multiple Establishments (Presentation Slides)

Anna Gumpert, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and CEPR (with Henrike Steimer and Manfred Antoni)


MICROPROD SESSION - How Does TFP react to Financial Crises? Mixed Evidence from Three European Countries

Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Paris School of Economics, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (with Christian Abele and Lionel Fontagné)

Friday 23 October

14:00-14:10 Introduction - Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University and MICROPROD)

Trade from Space: Shipping Networks and The Global Implications of Local Shocks (Presentation Slides)

Inga Heiland, University of Oslo, Statistics Norway and CEPR (with Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, Andreas Moxnes and Yuan Zi)


Reshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Bank Failures

Chenzi Xu, Stanford University


Robot Imports and Firm-level Outcomes (Presentation Slides)

Harald Fadinger, University of Mannheim and CEPR (with Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò and Gino Gancia)


Virtual Coffee Break


Relationship Stickiness and Economic Uncertainty

Isabelle Mejean, CREST-Ecole Polytechnique and CEPR (with Julien Martin and Mathieu Parenti)


Markups, Quality, and Trade Costs (Presentation Slides)

Natalie Chen, University of Warwick and CEPR (with Luciana Juvenal)


MICROPROD SESSION - Firm-to-Firm Trade: Imports, Exports, and the Labor Market (Presentation Slides)

Francis Kramarz, CREST(ENSAE), Institut Polytechnique de Paris and CEPR (with Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum)