Univ. Of Mannheim / EABCN Conference: Asset Prices and the Macro Economy

University of Mannheim / EABCN Conference: Asset Prices and the Macro Economy

24-25 June 2016

Venue: University of Mannheim

Castle of Mannheim, Fuchs-Petrolub-Festsaal (O138)




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The financial crisis and the subsequent economic recovery were associated with spectacular price movements in a number asset markets. Understanding these fluctuations and their interactions with the macro economy remains challenging. 

The conference seeks to bring together innovative theoretical and empirical work advancing our knowledge on asset price behaviour, addressing the following (non-exclusive) list of topics:

•    New explanations for aggregate asset price fluctuations (bond prices, stock prices, housing prices)
•    Interactions between asset price fluctuations and real economic activity
•    The role of liquidity in asset prices
•    The relationship between monetary policy and asset prices
•    Economic mechanisms giving rise to booms and busts in asset prices
•    The interaction between regulation and asset price fluctuations

The following participants have confirmed as keynote speakers: Stefan Nagel (University of Michigan & CEPR) and Ken Singleton (Stanford University).


Klaus Adam (University of Mannheim, CEPR and EABCN)

Elisa Faraglia (Cambridge University, CEPR and EABCN)

Albert Marcet (IAB, ICREA, BGSE, CEPR and MOVE, Barcelona)