EABCN Training School: Practical DSGE Models (40013)

Euro Area Business Cycle Network Training School

“Practical DSGE Models”


Fabio Canova  (BI Norwegian School of Management, EUI and CEPR)

13-15 September 2017

Venue: Room “Kuppelsaal”, Hauptverwaltung Hessen, Deutsche Bundesbank, Taunusanlage 5, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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About the instructor:

Fabio Canova is a professor of Macroeconomics at the Norwegian Business School, director of Training of the Florence School of Banking and Finance, Research associate with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomics and Petroleum Studies and the CEPR. He is also program director of the Budapest School of Central Bank Studies, Director of the International Association of Applied Econometrics, member of the scientific committee of the Euro Area Business Cycle network, a research visitor at the Norges Bank and editor of the Journal of Applied Econometrics.

In the past he has held the Pierre Werner chair in Monetary Union at the Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies (2012-2014), the ICREA Research Professorship at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2006-2012) and he has been Professor of Econometrics at the European University Institute (2011-2014) and Chair in Monetary Economics and the University of Bern (2008).

He has published over 85 articles in international journals and his graduate textbook, Methods for Applied Macroeconomic Research, was published in 2007 by Princeton University Press and translated in Chinese in 2010.


About the teaching assistant:

Francesca Loria is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. Francesca's resaearch fields are Applied Macroeconometrics, Monetary Economics and Quantitative Macroeconomics.