50002 - Travel expenses

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Reimbursement procedure for programme participants

If you have been offered travel funding (please check your original registration email), your reimbursement will be dealt with by the Research Center SAFE (at Goethe University Frankfurt)

Download the SAFE reimbursement form here.

You can scan your expense form and copies of your receipts / booking confirmations / boarding passes and email them to Daniela Dimitrova ([email protected]) after the conference. Or alternatively you can post them to:

Research Center SAFE (FAO. Ms. Birgit Pässler), House of Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt

Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 3, HPF H5, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Please note - your accommodation expenses (B&B only) have been covered directly with the hotel.

For any queries, please contact Daniela Dimitrova ([email protected]


CEPR's travel expense guidelines (including the maximum budget limits set out unless otherwise agreed directly with you) are being followed with the exceptions listed below:

  • SAFE cannot reimburse paraticipants who travel by car (either rental or own) if alternative means of transportation are available. Only very exceptional cirmcumstances (which must be approved with SAFE prior to the conference) will be considered (i.e. mobility issues). Then SAFE pays the rate at 0.35€/per km.
  • SAFE also cannot reimburse participants if the air/train fare if it is not from/to their home institution. In this case the alternative equivalent price for a direct flight / train economy airfare will be reimbursed instead (this needs to be approved by SAFE in advance of the conference). If you are only claiming for part of your journey (if travelling to various conferences before / after the MG Meeting), then this can be considered also - again, authorisation from SAFE must be obtained prior to the conference.