Removing the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates

Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis
Imperial College Business School
CEPR & Swiss National Bank

“Removing the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates”

London, Monday 18th May 2015

Programme (pdf)

First Keynote Speech
Kenneth Rogoff,
Harvard University

Second Keynote Speech
Willem Buiter, 
Citigroup and CEPR

It’s Time to Remove the Lower Bound on Interest Rates and Here’s the How To


Panel 1: Market Participant Views
Scott Bessent (Soros Fund Management)
Alan Howard (Brevan Howard)
Andrew Morton (Citigroup)
Nikhil Srinivasan (Generali)

Panel 2: Economic, Financial, Legal and Practical Issues
Marvin Goodfriend (Carnegie Mellon University) Central bank implementation
David Humphrey (Florida State University) Payment systems aspects
Harold James (Princeton University) History of dual currencies
Miles Kimball (University of Michigan) Practical details of negative interest rates

Overcoming the zero lower bound with negative interest rate policy 
Marvin Goodfriend (Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School)


Payment systems aspects
David Humphrey (Florida State University)


Dual Currencies
Harold James (Princeton University)


Practical details of negative interest rates
Miles Kimball (University of Michigan)


Panel 3: Central Bank Views
Katrin Assenmacher (Swiss National Bank)
Ulrich Bindseil (European Central Bank)
Niels Lynggaard (Danmarks Nationalbank)
Jamie McAndrews (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Speech: Benoit Coeure (European Central Bank) - at The Berkeley Hotel, London

Additional interviews

Charles Goodhart

Marianne Nessen

Martin Andersson

Franklin Allen, 
Executive Director, Brevan Howard Centre, Imperial College Business School and CEPR
Signe Krogstrup, Assistant Director, Deputy Head of Monetary Policy Analysis , Swiss National Bank

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