ESSFM 2016 (5650) - Local information (Gerzensee)


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How to travel to / from Gerzensee outside the hours of the shuttle bus service

The shuttle service provided by the Study Center only runs to / from Bern station on Sunday's 8pm and Friday at 12pm and after the symposium at 1.30pm. If you are travelling at a time where the shuttle service won't be convenient, here are your options:

You can either catch a taxi from outside Bern station (there will be taxis even at late evening) to Gerzensee but this is CHF 105 and most don’t accept credit cards. The driver also might not know where Gerzensee is so inform them to tell the driver to go through Muri, Rubigen, Münsingen – Wichtrach and Gerzensee.

Alternatively, you can catch the train S1 – 25 mins with no changes from Bern (not the Hauptbahnhof but the local station – 6 mins walk away) to Wichtrach. Trains leave 16 and 46 mins past each hour. Last service is 00:16. You can use the online travel planner here:

From Wichtrach you need to call in advance (whilst on the train) for a taxi as there won’t be any outside the station. Numbers to call: Dorftaxi Münsingen 079 / 777 10 21 OR Joker Taxi 031 / 722 06 06