CEPR European Conference on Household Finance 2019 - Programme

CEPR European Conference on Household Finance 2019

CEPR-TFI Event at Rodos Palace Hotel: Thursday 19 September 2019
Household Finance Conference at Rodos Palace Hotel: Friday 20 September-Saturday 21 September 2019

CEPR-TFI Event: Thursday 19 September 2019

17:30-18:00 Registration
18:00-19:30 CEPR-TFI Event –  Bigtech and Fintech
-    Welcome: Mark Cliffe, Chief Economist & Head of Global Research of the ING Group 
-    Opening Remarks: Andreas Fuster (Swiss National Bank and CEPR) and Amit Seru
     (Stanford University and CEPR)


-    Leonardo Gambacorta, Head of Innovation and the Digital Economy (BIS and CEPR)
-    Devie Mohan, Co-founder and CEO (Burnmark)

-    Tommaso Valletti, Professor of Economics (Imperial College London and CEPR)

Panel Discussion

Chair: Amit Seru (Stanford University and CEPR)


19:30-20:30  Drinks Reception 


        Household Finance Conference: Friday 20 September 2019

08:45-09:15          Coffee and Registration

09:15-09:30          Opening Remarks
                              Alex Michaelides, Imperial College London and CEPR
                              Michael Haliassos, Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR


Session Chair:     Alex Michaelides (Imperial and CEPR)
09:30-10:15          Can Security Design Solve Household Reluctance to Take Risk?
                              Laurent Calvet, EDHEC Business School, CFS and CEPR (with                                                      Claire Celerier, Paolo Sodini and Boris Vallee)

                              Discussant: Tarun Ramadorai, Imperial College London and CEPR

10:15-11:00           Housing Bubbles, Wealth Inequality and Capital Income Taxation
                              Clara Martínez-Toledano, Paris School of Economics

                              Discussant: Laurent Bach, ESSEC

11:00-11:30           Coffee Break


Session Chair:    Steffen Andersen (Copenhagen Business School and CEPR)

11:30-12:15         Joint and Individual Savings in a Family:  Evidence From Bank Accounts
                             Merike Kukk, Tallinn University of Technology (with W. Fred van Raaij)

                             Discussant: Kim Peijnenburg (EDHEC and CEPR)

12:15-13:00          Alternative Facts in Peer-to-Peer Loans? Borrower Misreporting Dynamics and                               Implications
                             Vesa Pursiainen, University of Hong Kong 

                             Discussant: Matti Keloharju, Aalto University and CEPR

13:00-14:00          Lunch

                             Poster presentation by diaNEOsis on aspects of the Greek economy and crisis:
                             Fay Makantasi, Research Analyst at diaNEOsis and Adjunct Assistant                                             Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Session Chair:    Tullio Jappelli (University of Naples Federico II, CSEF and CEPR)

14:00-14:45         Savings after Retirement: Homeownership, Preferences or Risks?
                             Rory McGee, University College London

                             Discussant:  Arpit Gupta, NYU Stern

14:45-15:30         Default Options and Retirement Saving Dynamics
                            Taha Choukhmane, Yale University

                             Discussant: Michaela Pagel, Columbia University and CEPR  

15:30-15:45         Coffee Break

15:45-16:30         Consuming Dividends 
                             Konstantin Bräuer, Goethe University Frankfurt (with Andreas Hackethal and                                 Tobin Hanspal)

                             Discussant: Stephen Zeldes, Columbia University 

16:30-17:30         Network Steering Committee Meeting

18:00-20:00         Old and New City Tour

20:30                   Dinner at 12 Nissia, Rodos Palace Hotel
                            Conference Dinner Speech by Gikas Hardouvelis, University of Piraeus and                                  CEPR



       Household Finance Conference: Saturday 21 September 2019


Session Chair:   Russell Cooper (European University Institute)

09:45-10:30         Subjective Return Expectations, Inattention and Stock Market Participation
                             Hector Calvo Pardo, University of Southampton

                             Discussant: Raman Uppal, EDHEC Business School and CEP

10:30-11:15         Bailing out the Kids: New Evidence on Intra-family Insurance from 1 Billion Bank                              Transfers

                            Adam Sheridan, University of Copenhagen (with Asger Lau Andersen and                                      Niels Johannesen)

                            Discussant: Tullio Jappelli, Università di Napoli Federico II and CEPR 

11:15-11:30          Coffee Break


Session Chair:   Monica Paiella (University of Naples Partenope and CEPR)

11:30-12:15         Reference Points in the Housing Market
                            Tarun Ramadorai, Imperial College London and CEPR (with Steffen Andersen,                               Cristian Badarinza, Lu Liu and Julie Marx)

                            Discussant: Joao Cocco, London Business School and CEPR

12:15-13:00         MPC Heterogeneity in Europe: Sources and Policy Implications
                             Julia Le Blanc, Deutsche Bundesbank (with Miguel Ampudia, Russell Cooper                                  and Guozhong Zhu)

                             Discussant: Monica Paiella, Università di Napoli Parthenope

13:00-14:00          Lunch 

                             Lunch Speaker: Thodoris Georgakopoulos, Editorial Director of diaNEOsis


Session Chair:   Michael Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)

14:00-14:45         Gig-Labor: Trading Safety Nets for Steering Wheels 
                             Jordan Nickerson, Boston University (with Ankit Kalda, Vyacheslav Fos and                                    Naser Hamdi)

                             Discussant: Steffen Andersen (Copenhagen Business School and CEPR)

14:45-15:00         Closing remarks
                             Michael Haliassos, Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR


Note: Presenters have 25 mins to present their paper. A total of 15 mins are allocated to the discussants and 5 mins for general discussion.

Organising committee members: Laurent E. Calvet (EDHEC Paris, CFS, and CEPR), Joao Cocco (London Business School, CFS, and CEPR), Russell Cooper (European University Institute), Francisco Gomes (London Business School and CEPR), Luigi Guiso (EIEF and CEPR), Michael Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR), Tullio Jappelli (University of Naples Federico II, CSEF and CEPR), Matti Keloharju (Aalto University and CEPR), Alex Michaelides (Imperial College and CEPR), Monica Paiella (University of Naples Parthenope), Wenlan Qian (National University of Singapore), Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial Business School and CEPR), Antoinette Schoar (MIT and CEPR), Paolo Sodini (Stockholm School of Economics and SHoF), Raman Uppal (EDHEC and CEPR), Stephen Zeldes (Columbia University and NBER).