Zurich - Internet Access

Wi-Fi access during CEPR conference

There are two ways to get internet access in the rooms of the CEPR conference and school:

  1. Guests coming from a university participating in “eduroam” can login to the eduroam network directly with the password provided by their home university. To find out whether your university participates in eduroam and to get more information on how to generate your eduroam password please contact the responsible person at your home university or visit https://www.eduroam.org/index.php?p=where
  2. All guests of the CEPR conference can generate an account and password for the public network of the University of Zurich by accessing this link https://www.uzh.ch/id/cl/dl/admin/ssl-dir/guestaccounts/index.php/accounts/get?lang=en

    The Event-ID is 15BLUSOF1859.

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