PEDL Workshop

Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL)

Research Workshop

Held jointly with the

IPA SME Initiative 4th Working Group Meeting

The British Academy
10-11 Carlton House Terrace, Wolfson Room
London SW1Y-5AH

12-13 December 2013

On December 12-13, PEDL will host a conference on ‘firms and development’ jointly with the IPA SME Initiative. Many ERG and MRG grantees will attend and present their projects -- whether they have reached completion and produced papers or are in their early stages. For PEDL, this is also a chance to understand how projects might best be scaled up in size. The conference will take place at the British Academy in London. 

Prior to this workshop, PEDL will also host a four-day workshop with researchers from LICs at the University of Warwick. During the first two and a half days, extensive feedback will be provided on participants’ research proposals, and the grant holders will be expected to present their respective projects to the group several times. There will also be a few lectures from senior researchers, focused on methods of identifying causal effects in empirical research.  On the third day, the LIC-based grant holders will be joined by PEDL grantees who are currently PhD students. The workshop will then take a conference format, with presentations both from the PhD student grantees and the LIC-based grantees. Our goal in this session is networking between the grantees. 

For those participants who paid for their trip in advance and have been offered travel funding, please refer to the guidelines and expense claim form.