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CEPR, established in 1983, is an independent, non‐partisan, pan‐European non‐profit organization. Its mission is to enhance the quality of policy decisions through providing policy‐relevant research, based soundly in economic theory, to policymakers, the private sector and civil society.

New Policy Insight: Government guarantee programmes for bank lending to firms: Lessons for future policymakers

Jin Cao, Linda S. Goldberg, Sonalika Sinha, Stefano Ungaro

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NEW Future of Banking Report: Banking Turmoil and Regulatory Reform

Viral Acharya, Elena Carletti, Fernando Restoy, Xavier Vives

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CEPR Paris Symposium 2023

CEPR held its second annual Paris Symposium in December 2023.
Catch up on the programme highlights here, including videos, podcasts, and other linked materials.

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For 40 years, the Centre for Economic Policy Research has provided an invaluable bridge between the world of economic research and those of monetary and fiscal policymaking. Find out more about the organisation and the influential part it has played in global and European economics during those years.

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CEPR publishes over 1000 new Discussion Papers each year and subscribers have access to an impressive archive of more than 17,000 papers, dating back to 1984.

CEPR Paris

In October 2021, CEPR opened a new Paris office

 Paris Funders 40 Years