40th Anniversary

May 26th marks 40 years of CEPR, Europe’s leading network of Economic Policy Researchers. Over the next few months we will be inviting our 1700 Fellows and Affiliates, based in institutions throughout Europe and beyond, as well as our wider network, to join us in celebrating our 40 years of 'research excellence, policy relevance'.

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Find out more about CEPR & what it does

For almost 40 years, the Centre for Economic Policy Research has provided an invaluable bridge between the world of economic research and those of monetary and fiscal policymaking. Find out more about the organisation and the influential part it has played in global and European economics during those years.

CEPR Discussion Papers

Since 1984, CEPR has published more than 18,000 Discussion Papers, authored and scrutinised by world-class economists.

CEPR Paris

In October 2021, CEPR opened new headquarters in Paris, enabling and expansion of European activities.

 Paris Funders 40 Years

CEPR Paris Symposium

2022 saw the inaugural CEPR Paris Symposium - a prestigious annual gathering of the CEPR network to present , discuss and disseminate current research.
The 2023 Symposium take place in early December.

Paris Symposium 2022