Centre for Economic Policy Research 

CEPR is Europe’s leading network of Economic Policy Researchers. Over 1700 Fellows and Affiliates, based in institutions throughout Europe and beyond, contribute to our research, events and publications.

2022 Publications from CEPR

New titles from CEPR Press in 2022 covered the economic causes and consequences underlying the key challenges faced by Europe in the current decade : Brexit, climate change, international debt, Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine

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For almost 40 years, the Centre for Economic Policy Research has provided an invaluable bridge between the world of economic research and those of monetary and fiscal policymaking. Find out more about the organisation and the influential part it has played in global and European economics during those years.

The Week's New Discussion Papers

CEPR publishes over 1000 new Discussion Papers each year and subscribers have access to an impressive archive of more than 17,000 papers, dating back to 1984.

CEPR Paris

In October 2021, CEPR opened a new Paris office

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