CEPR / LSE IGA / SPP Webinar Series

CEPR and the Institute of Global Affairs at the School of Public Policy, LSE, have established a joint series of policy webinars that look at the economics of Covid-19 from a global perspective. The webinars take place every Thursday and are free to attend by registering on zoom, or by following the livestream on Facebook.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced global rifts. What does this mean for our ability to respond to the intertwined medical emergency and economic crisis? How does the increased tension affect our capacity to address other global emergencies and challenges? What is the future of multilateralism? Can the global architecture cope with these tectonic shifts? Many countries, especially those in the developing world, rely heavily on the multilateral institutions. How will they fare in a more fractured world? Who will defend the global commons? Is there a way to restore the common ground?

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