ESSIM 2021 - IMF programme and papers

28th European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics (ESSIM) 2021
19 - 21 May 2021 

International Macroeconomics and Finance (IMF) Programme 

Original Sin Redux
Carol Bertaut (Federal Reserve Board), *Valentina Bruno (American University and CEPR) and Hyun Song Shin (Bank for International Settlements and CEPR)

Stock Market Spillovers via the Global Production Network: Transmission of U.S. Monetary Policy
Julian di Giovanni (Federal Reserve Bank of New York and CEPR) and *Galina Hale (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and CEPR)

Bond Convenience Yields in the Eurozone Currency Union
*Zhengyang Jiang (Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management), Hanno Lustig (Stanford University and CEPR), Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia Business School and CEPR) and Mindy Xiaolan (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas)

Coping with Disasters: Two Centuries of International Official Lending
Sebastian Horn (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Carmen Reinhart (Harvard University and CEPR) and *Christoph Trebesch (Kiel Institute for the World Economy and CEPR)

Currency Hedging in Emerging Markets: Managing Cash Flow Exposure
*Laura Alfaro (Harvard University and CEPR), Mauricio Calani (Central Bank of Chile) and Liliana Varela (London School of Economics and CEPR)

The Exchange Rate Insulation Puzzle
*Giancarlo Corsetti (Cambridge University), Gernot Müller (University of Tübingen and CEPR), Keith Küster (University of Bonn and CEPR) and Sebastian Schmidt (European Central Bank and CEPR)

When Two Become One: Foreign Capital and Household Credit Expansion
Lukas Diebold (University of Mannheim) and *Björn Richter (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

What goes around comes around: How large are spillbacks from US monetary policy?
Max Breitenlechner (University of Innsbruck) and *Georgios Georgiadis (European Central Bank)

Exchange Rate Disconnect Redux
Ryan Chahrour (Boston College), Vito Cormun (Santa Clara University), *Pierre De Leo (University of Maryland), Pablo Guerron-Quintana (Boston College) and Rosen Valchev (Boston College)

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meeting date: 
Tuesday, May 18, 2021