Papers - ESSLE 2014

Thursday 4 September

13.30-14.30 “Spillover Effects in Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Mass Layoffs”

Christina Gathmann (University of Heidelberg and IZA) and Uta Schönberg (University College London and IZA)

14.30-15.30 “Dual Labour Market and (Lack of) On-the-Job Training: Evidence for Spain and other EU Countries Using PIAAC Data”     

Juan J Dolado (European University Institute, CEPR and IZA), Antonio Cabrales (University College London and CEPR) and Ricardo Mora (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

16.00 - 17.00 “The Impact of Immigration on the Local Labor Market Outcomes of Blue Collar Workers: Panel Data Evidence”

Javier Ortega (City University London and IZA), Gregory Verdugo (Bank of France and IZA)

17.15 - 18.00 Poster session

“The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Firm Founding on Innovation”

Christian Fons-Rosen (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona and CEPR), and Michael Ewens (Carnegie Mellon)

“Do Hiring Credits Work in Recessions? Evidence from France”

Thomas Le Barbanchon (Crest-Ensae), Pierre Cahuc (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, CEPR and IZA) and Stéphane Carcillo (OECD, Sciences Po and IZA)

“Reserving Time for Daddy: the short- and long-run consequences of Fathers' quotas

Ankita Patnaik (Cornell University)

“Not in My Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of Dismissals”

Andrea Bassanini (OECD and IZA), Giorgio Brunello (University of Padova, Lancaster University Management School, CESifo and IZA) and Eve Caroli (Paris-Dauphine University, LEDa-LEGOS, Paris School of Economics and IZA)

“Displacing Tasks: Understanding the Employment Effects of Offshoring”

Kristiina Huttunen (Aalto University and IZA) and Katariina Nilsson Hakkala (Aalto University and Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT))

“Cycling to School: Increasing Secondary School Enrollment for Girls in India”

Nishith Prakash (University of Connecticut) and Karthik Muralidharan (University of California, San Diego)


Friday 5 September

09.00 - 10.00 “Slowing Women's Labor Force Participation: The Role of Rising Income Inequality

Stefania Albanesi (Federal Reserve Bank of New York and CEPR) and Maria Prados (University of Southern California)

10.00 - 11.00 “Severance Pay”

Pietro Garibaldi (University of Turin, CEPR and IZA), Tito Boeri (Bocconi University, CEPR and IZA) and Espen R. Moen (Norwegian School of Management – BI and CEPR)

11.30 - 12.30 “Under-Employment and the Trickle-Down of Unemployment”

Yanos Zylberberg (University of Bristol) and Régis Barnichon (CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona and CEPR)

13.30 - 14.30 “Firing Costs and Labor Demand in Recessions”

Gerard Antonie Pfann (Maastricht University, CEPR and IZA) and Myrthe Frenk (VODW Consultants, Amsterdam)

15.00 - 16.00 “Family, Community and Long-Term Earnings Inequality

Konstantinos Tatsiramos (University of Nottingham and IZA), Paul Bingley, (SFI Copenhagen) and Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and IZA)

16.15-18.00 Poster Session

“How Does Labor Demand React to Changes in the Supply of Skills? Evidence from Schooling Reforms”

Kai Liu (Norwegian School of Economics), Pedro Carneiro (University College London and IZA) and Kjell G. Salvanes (Norwegian School of Economics and IZA)

“Preference for Boys, Family Size and Educational Attainment in India”

Santosh Kumar (Sam Houston State University) and Adriana Kugler (Georgetown University, NBER, CEPR, CreAM, and IZA)

“The Return to Labor Market Mobility: An Evaluation of Relocation Assistance for the Unemployed”

Steffen Künn (IZA), Marco Caliendo (University of Potsdam and IZA) and Robert Mahlstedt (IZA)

“Grandchildren and Their Grandparents’ Labor Supply”

Giulio Zanella (University of Bologna) and Peter Rupert (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA)

“Understanding Peer Effects – On the Nature, Estimation and Channels of Peer Effects”

Ulf Zölitz (Maastricht University) and Jan Feld (Gothenburg University)

“Do Business Cycles Have Long-Term Impact for Particular Cohorts?”

Jonas Maibom Pedersen (Aarhus University), Torben M. Andersen (Aarhus University and IZA), Michael Svarer (Aarhus University and IZA) and Allan Sørensen (Aarhus University)

“Optimal Unemployment Insurance and Welfare Benefits in a Life-cycle model of Family Labor Supply and Savings”

Peter Hann (German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)) and Victoria Prowse (Cornell University and IZA)

“Job Polarization and Structural Change”

Zsofia Barany (Sciences Po, Paris) and Christian Siegel (University of Exeter)

“Why does Difference In Difference Matching Work” (Paper) 

Sylvain Chabé-Ferret (Toulouse School of Economics)


Saturday 6 September

09.00 - 10.00 “In a Small Moment: Cheating and Class Size in Italian Primary Schools”

Erich Battistin (Queen Mary, University of London, IRVAPP and IZA), Joshua D. Angrist (MIT and IZA) and Daniela Vuri (University of Rome Tor Vergata and IZA)

10.00 - 11.00  “Does Classroom Time Matter?  A Randomized Field Experiment in Principles of Microeconomics”

David A. Jaeger (Graduate Center, CUNY; University of Cologne; and NBER), Theodore J. Joyce (Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY; and NBER), Sean Crockett (Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY) Onur Altindag (Graduate Center CUNY), and Stephen D. O'Connell (Graduate Center, CUNY)

11.30 - 12.30 “Publish or Perish? Incentives and Careers in Italian Academia”

Stefano Verzillo (University of Milan), Daniele Checchi (University of Milan), and Gianni De Fraja (University of Nottingham, University of Rome Tor Vergata and CEPR)

13.30 - 14.30 “An empirical model of health care demand under non-linear pricing

Rainer Winkelmann (University of Zurich and IZA), and Gregori Baetschmann (University of Zurich)

14.30 - 15.30 “Human Capital and Optimal Redistribution”

Winfried Koeniger (University of St. Gallen, CEPR and IZA) and Julien Prat (CREST, CEPR, CESifo and IZA)