New PAs

New CEPR programme areas: Asset Pricing (AP) and Banking and Corporate Finance (BCF)

We are pleased to officially announce that we have split the current Financial Economics (FE) programme, previously led by Franklin Allen, into two programmes: Asset Pricing (AP) and Banking and Corporate Finance (BCF). While maintaining the synergies between the two fields, this new structure will give a clearer identity to each programme and give us more flexibility for new initiatives.

New Programme Directors

Elena Carletti

Full Professor of Finance, Finance Department Bocconi University

The two programmes have the following remits: 

  • Asset Pricing, led by Anna Pavlova (LBS), will bring together researchers interested in studying capital markets, macro-finance, international finance, portfolio choice and individual investor decisions, asset management, information and liquidity in asset markets, asset market frictions and limits to arbitrage and behavioural finance. More information is available here

  • Banking and Corporate Finance, led by Elena Carletti (Bocconi University), will bring together researchers interested in studying firms and other organisations. It will cover areas such as banks and non-bank intermediaries, financial stability, insurance and pension companies, behavioural corporate finance and financial intermediation, fintech, big data and machine learning, corporate governance, capital structure, dividend and payout structure, finance and labour, financial innovation, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, monetary policy and central banking, policy and regulatory issues. More information is available here

Both programmes will hold independent annual symposia. AP will be responsible for the Asset Pricing week at the annual ESSFM meeting in Gerzensee, and BCF for the Corporate Finance week. 

CEPR Researchers can now start to submit Discussion Papers to the new programmes here, via their CEPR HUB account. If you have any issues with this, please email [email protected]

To find Discussion Papers by a specific programme area, you can view and download them here. If you do not have access to the Discussion Papers, you can find out more about subscribing to the CEPR Discussion Paper Series here