Congratulations to CEPR researcher Olympia Bover, who has received the 2023 Rey Jaume I award for economics.

Established in 1989, the Rei Jaume I Awards are a distinguished recognition given to exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions in various scientific and technological fields. The award aims to promote scientific research and innovation in Spain.

Olympia Bover is recognised for her work in the field of applied microeconomics, where she has carried out important research on the labour and housing markets and on the behaviour of households. She has also introduced pioneering methodological innovations in the analysis of panel data and household surveys. Her work has been influential in both the academic community and the world of politics.

Olympia Bover is a research fellow for CEPR's Labour Economics programme and director of the Department of Structural Analysis and Microeconomic Studies at the Banco de España.

You can read the official statement from the Rei Jaume I Awards Foundation here.