Alexander Lembcke

Economist and Policy Analyst in the Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development at Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Alexander C. Lembcke is an Economist and Policy Analyst in the OECD’s Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development. His work considers the economic and social development in regions and urban areas. He is a co-author of the recent OECD publication The Metropolitan Century: Understanding Urbanisation and its Consequences and has contributed chapters to several OECD Territorial Reviews. He is the lead author of the forthcoming publication Road Infrastructure, Traffic Safety and Inclusive Development in Korea, as well as of several OECD working papers. Beyond his policy work, Alexander C. Lembcke has published a number of academic articles in refereed journals. Prior to joining the OECD, Alexander C. Lembcke worked as a Consultant for the World Bank, taught both master and undergraduate student as a Tutorial Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) and conducted economic research as a member of the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance. Alexander C. Lembcke holds Master level degrees from the LSE and the Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany and a PhD from the London School of Economics.