Alfonso Herranz-Loncan

Economic History Professor at University Of Barcelona

Alfonso Herranz-Loncán is full professor of Economics History at the University of Barcelona. He got his Ph.D. in Economic History at the London School of Economics. Alfonso Herranz-Loncán's main fields of research are History of Transport and Infrastructure, History of Public Policies, Market Integration and Long-Run Economic Growth. Some of the topics he has studied include the economic impact of railways and infrastructure in several world countries, the relationship between railway expansion and government size in Latin America, Bolivian economic growth in the long run, the presence of pork barrel policies in 19th century Spain, or the integration of the Spanish money market. His research has been published in the Journal of Economic History, the Economic History Review, Explorations in Economic History, the European Review of Economic History, Cliometrica, Revista de Historia Económica-Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, Economic History of Developing Regions, among others. He is Director of the Economics and Economic History Research Centre “Antoni de Capmany” of the University of Barcelona, and has been visiting professor at the University of the Republic (Montevideo) and the Colegio de México.