Allan Timmermann

Dr. Harry M. Markowitz Endowed Chair in Finance and Investing and Distinguished Professor of Economics and Finance at University of California, San Diego

Allan Timmermann is a Distinguished Professor at UCSD and holds the Dr. Harry M. Markowitz Endowed Chair in Finance and Investing. His research uses a mix of economic theory, data analytics, and econometric techniques to understand and predict the behavior of investors and prices in financial markets. His publications address topics such as whether financial returns are predictable and its implications for investors’ portfolio strategies, whether risk premia have vanished, whether mutual funds and pension funds add value through their investment decisions, and whether “star” fund managers exist. Timmermann has developed new statistical methods in areas such as forecasting under structural breaks, forecast combinations, Bayesian forecasting methods, and identification of luck versus skill in economic forecasting. He serves as the managing Co-editor of Journal of Financial Econometrics and as an Associate Editor of leading journals in finance and econometrics. Timmermann earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge.