Ambar Narayan

Lead Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice at The World Bank

Ambar Narayan leads and advises teams conducting policy analysis, evaluations and research in development from a microeconomic perspective. Topics that he works on include inequality of opportunity, economic mobility, policy evaluation, structural and spatial transformation, and the welfare impacts of economic shocks. He has been a lead author for several large World Bank reports, which include a recent global study on intergenerational mobility; and studies on inequality of opportunity in Africa, the Middle East and North Africa and South Africa, on poverty and inequality in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, and on welfare impacts of the financial crisis in developing countries. He has co-authored several academic publications and working papers, which reflect the eclectic mix of topics he has worked on over the years. In the past, he has worked in the South Asia region of the World Bank on knowledge and lending programs. He holds a PhD in Economics from Brown University in the United States.