Amedeo Piolatto

Ramon y Cajal Fellow at Autonomous University Of Barcelona

Amedeo Piolatto is a Ramon y Cajal Fellow at Autonomous U. of Barcelona (UAB), dept. of Economics and Economic History. He is also an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) and a Research Affiliate at the Barcelona Economics Institute (IEB) and at MOVE.  Amedeo graduated from Toulouse School of Economics with a PhD in Economics in 2008. Previously, he obtained a MSc in Economics at Bocconi U. (2003) and a BA in Economics at U. of Turin (2002). Amedeo is interested mainly in the simultaneous interdependence amongst Firms, Policy Makers and Voters/Consumers. In his research, he combines theoretical and empirical approaches and covers topics typical of Public Economics, Political Economy, Political Science and Industrial Organisation.  His current research includes three main lines: a) political economy and federalism, b) public economics and taxation and c) industrial organisation related to new technologies.