Ana Revenga

Director, Poverty Reduction and Equity Group at The World Bank

Ana Revenga is the Director of Poverty Reduction and Equity group at the World Bank and Co-Director of the World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development. Between 2005 and 2008, she was Lead Economist for Human Development and Manager, Labour and Social Protection, in the East Asia and the Pacific region. Prior to joining the World Bank, she worked in the Research Department of Central Bank of Spain and taught Labour and International Economics at the Centro de Estudios Monetarios and Financieros. She has published extensively on poverty, labour and trade issues, and has worked across a broad spectrum of low, middle and high income countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. She was one of the authors of the World Development Report 1995: Workers in an Integrating World and contributed to the World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development. She has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University and a degree in Human Rights from the Law Faculty, at the University of Geneva.