Andres Murcia

Advisor in International Affairs at Banco De Republica Colombia

Andres Murcia is an advisor in international affairs in the Central Bank of Colombia. He is responsible of undertaking analysis in international economics and the coordination of relations of the Central Bank of Colombia with international organizations and other central banks. Previously he worked as a visiting economist at the Representative Office at the Americas of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) undertaking research and policy analysis on topics of interest to Latin America central banks and supporting BIS’s central bank cooperative activities in the region in the area of financial stability. He was advisor to the Chief of Monetary and International Investments Division at the Central Bank of Colombia and he worked as an advisor in financial affairs at the Macroeconomic Policy Division in the Ministry of Finance of Colombia. He holds a MPhil in Quantitative Economics and a MSc in Financial Markets and intermediaries from Toulouse School of Economics. He holds a MA and a BA in Economics from Universidad de los Andes where he has been lecturer on banking and financial macroeconomics. His main research interests include: the role and impact of macroprudential measures and their interaction with other policy instruments; the understanding of new vehicles of financial intermediation and their implications; and the use of new sources of information and techniques in the analysis of financial stability (eg network analysis, credit registry data, international investors portfolio analysis).