Apostolos Davillas

Lecturer in Health Economics at the Norwich Medical School at University Of East Anglia

Apostolos Davillas is a Lecturer in Health Economics, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia (UEA). He is also a Research Affiliate at HEDG, University of York, a Research Associate at ISER, University of Essex and a GLO Fellow. His research covers a range of topics such as the determinants of health, health care demand, utilisation of health services and health care costs, the economics of obesity, disability, and socio-economic inequalities in health and health care. Part of his research also focuses on the survey measurement of health, and particularly the use of biomarkers as health measures for social science and (health) economics research. On these topics, he published papers in the Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Social Science & Medicine, Economics & Human Biology, and in high impact interdisciplinary journals.