Arvind Panagariya

Professor of Economics and Professor of Indian Political Economy at Columbia University

Arvind Panagariya is the Jagdish Bhagwati Professor of Indian Political Economy & Professor of Economics at Columbia University. In the past, he has been the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank and Professor of Economics and Co-director, Center for International Economics, University of Maryland at College Park. He has also worked with the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and UNCTAD in various capacities. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Princeton University. Panagariya has written or edited ten books, most recently India: the Emerging Giant (Oxford). He is an Editor of the India Policy Forum, a a journal co-founded by the Brookings Institution, Washington DC and the National Council on Applied Economic Research, New Delhi. He is also the founding Editor of the Journal of Policy Reform, which he edited with Dani Rodrik during 1996-2001.