Ataman Aksoy

Consultant in Development Economics Department at The World Bank

M. Ataman Aksoy, retired in 2003 from the World Bank, worked as the Economic Adviser to the unit that produces Bank’s publications of Global Economic Prospects and Global Development Finance. Before retiring, he organized the formation of the new PREM Trade unit. He was also in charge of conducting the Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies for the multi-agency Integrated Framework initiative for Least Developed Countries. Mr. Aksoy joined the Bank in 1984 and worked on Bangladesh and India on their trade and regulatory reform programs and managed export development projects. In 1994 he was appointed as the Division Chief for Macro, Industry & Finance Division in Southern Africa and in 1999 as Sector Manager in charge of economists overseeing the macroeconomic program of the CIS countries, excluding Russia. Prior to joining the Bank, Mr. Aksoy taught economics at George Washington University (also as a Fulbright Professor), Boston College, Middle East Technical University (as Chair of the Economics Department), and the University of Rhode Island. He continues to do research as a consultant to the World Bank.