Bernhard Haslhofer

Faculty member and leader of the CryptoFinance research group at Complexity Science Hub Vienna

Bernhard Haslhofer is a faculty member and the leader of the CryptoFinance research group at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. Additionally, he serves as an external lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna. Bernhard's research interests focus on developing and utilizing data science methods to gain new insights from interconnected and large-scale datasets. He previously worked as a Senior Scientist and Thematic Coordinator for the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence research group at the AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology. He received his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Vienna and holds a master's degree in Economics and Computer Science. Bernhard has also served as an EU Marie Curie fellow at Cornell Information Science and an assistant professor at the University of Vienna. He regularly collaborates in multidisciplinary settings and has published over 60 scientific articles in journals and conferences. Bernhard has also co-organized various workshops, symposia, and conferences. He actively contributed to international standardization efforts with the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the W3C World Wide Web Consortium. Bernhard coordinated several basic and applied research projects on both national and international levels.