Bettina Peters

Deputy Head, Department of Innovation Economics and Industrial Dynamics at Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)

Bettina Peters is Deputy Head at ZEW’s Department of Innovation Economics and Industrial Dynamics and Honorary Professor in Management at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance at the University of Luxembourg. Her main research interests cover the economics of innovation at the firm-level, in particular productivity and employment effects of innovation, dynamics in firm innovation behaviour and the internationalisation of R&D activities. She is a member of a research group on firm innovation behaviour and is engaged in the conceptual development and analysis of the Mannheim Innovation Panel and the Community Innovation Surveys (CIS). She has been engaged in many consultancy projects in the area of innovation and technology policy for the EU-Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Before joining ZEW in 2000, she was Research and Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Microeconomics at the University of Kiel (1997-2000). She gained her doctoral degree at the University of Würzburg and holds a degree in quantitative economics from the University of Kiel. Bettina Peters was Visiting Researcher at Boston University and KU Leuven.