Bige Kahraman is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Saïd Business School since 2015. She holds a PhD in Economics from Yale University, with specialisations in financial economics and econometrics. She is also a Fellow at Kellogg College, University of Oxford. Prior to joining Saïd Business School, Bige Kahraman taught at the Stockholm School of Economics and was a Research Fellow at the Swedish House of Finance. She holds a BA in Economics from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. Her research focuses on understanding the role of market frictions on market efficiency and allocation of capital. In several papers, published in leading journals such as Journal of Finance, she analyses the sources of market frictions giving rise to market inefficiency. She identifies frictions arising from capital constraints, organisational structures in asset management intermediaries and informational availabilities as important drivers of various anomalies observed in financial markets.