Brian Bell

Professor of Economics, King's Business School at King's College London

Brian Bell is Professor of Economics at King's Business School. Brian joined King's College London as a Senior Lecturer in Economics in January 2017. Previous to his appointment at King’s, he was Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Oxford (2012-2016) and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE (2009-2012) - where he remains a Research Associate. He has spent much of his career outside of academia. He worked as an economist and proprietary trader for a number of hedge funds and investment banks in London and also spent time at the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England. Brian's main research interests fall in two areas. First, he works on issues related to wages and inequality. This includes work on the pay of CEOs, the impact of immigration on wages and employment and intergenerational mobility. Second, he does work on the economics of crime looking at, inter alia, evidence on the links between immigration and crime and the impact of unemployment when leaving school on subsequent criminal behaviour. Brian is an Editor of the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. He is also a member of the Migration Advisory Committee. This body provides advice to the Home Secretary on immigration policy in the UK.