Cecilia Jona-Lasinio

Professor of Applied Economics at Luiss Business School

Cecilia Jona-Lasinio is currently Full Professor of Applied Economics at Luiss Business School in Rome. She is also serving as Senior economic advisor for the Economics Department at the OECD coordinating the group of experts for the OECD – Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance joint project on Fostering multilateral cooperation on structural reforms and economic development. She is fellow at the NBER Program in Economic Measurement 2023. She has been Adjunct Professor of international economics at Luiss University since 2015 and Senior researcher at the Econometric Studies and Economic Forecasting Division, Italian Institute of Statistics since 2012. She authored many publications on Intangibles, ICT and Productivity Growth. Her main research interests are Digital economy, Economic Growth and Innovation, Intangible capital, ICT, Global Value Chains and International Competitiveness. She has been involved in several European Commission Funded research projects and consultancies for government agencies and international organizations. She received her Ph.D in Econometrics and Empirical Economics at the University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy, and the Master degree in International Economics, DES (Diplome d’Etudes Superieures en Relationes Internationales), at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, (Switzerland). She has been awarded with the Indigo Prize – LetterOne Foundation (UK) – First winners joint with J.Haskel, C.Corrado, K.Fox, P.Goodridge, D. Sichel and S.Westlake, for the essay titled “Improving GDP: Demolishing, Repointing or Extending?” October 2017.