Cheng Hoon Lim

Division Chief, Monetary and Capital Markets Department at International Monetary Fund

Cheng Hoon Lim is a Division Chief in the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the IMF. She is responsible for setting the strategy as well as carrying out the surveillance and technical assistance activities for the Asia and Western Hemisphere Region. She has considerable experience in financial risk and stability analysis, and has led efforts within the Fund to develop innovative tools to detect emerging financial vulnerabilities and to incorporate risk analysis in macro-financial surveillance. Ms Lim earned a BA degree in Economics from Smith College, an MPhil and a PhD in Economics at the University of Cambridge. In the IMF, Ms. Lim has worked extensively on crisis cases in emerging markets, including Korea and the Philippines during the Asian crisis in the late 1990s and Turkey and Argentina in the early 2000s.. She has also led efforts to improve the IMF’s understanding of macro-financial linkages through better use of risk analysis and finance tools, and was instrumental in applying the contingent claims analysis to evaluate balance sheet risk of the sovereign, banking and corporate sector. She was seconded for two years to the UK Financial Services Authority where she helped develop the Basel II policy on capital charges for operational risk and participated in inspection visits to small as well as complex banks. Most recently, Ms. Lim has been involved in the collaborative effort among the BIS-FSB-IMF to develop a framework for macroprudential policy and the G-20 Mutual Assessment Process. She recently led the Fund’s work on assessing the effectiveness of macroprudential instruments.