Claudia Buch

Vice President at Deutsche Bundesbank

Professor Claudia M. Buch is the Vice President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, responsible for the Directorates General Banking and Financial Supervision, Financial Stability, Audit, and Administration. She is a member of the German Financial Stability Committee and the Bundesbank’s G20 and G7 Deputy. Prior to joining the Bundesbank in May 2014, she was the President of the Institute for Economic Research (IWH) in Halle (2013-2014), Professor of Economics at University Magdeburg (2013-2014) and at the University of Tübingen (2004-2013), and the Director of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IAW) in Tübingen (2005-2013). From 2012-2014, she was a member of the German Council of Economic Experts. She studied at the Universities of Bonn and Kiel, and she worked at the Kiel Institute for World Economics. Her fields of specialisation are international banking and banking regulation, financial stability, financial integration, and foreign direct investment.