David Comerford

Senior Lecturer at University of Stirling, Chancellor's Fellow, Fraser of Allander Institute at University Of Strathclyde

David Comerford is a Chancellor's Fellow in the Department of Economics and at the Fraser of Allander Institute, at the University of Strathclyde's Business School. He has a broad spectrum of interests across applied economics, but especially in environmental and energy economics, trade, inequality and macroeconomics. Amongst other projects, he has worked on the link between state size and productivity using trade models, the problem of optimal climate change policy using models with credit frictions, and he has studied inequality using microsimulation models. The common theme to his work is studying and trying to inform long term policy issues. The goal of his work is to provide policy relevant research, and my experience to date has included engaging with policy makers and writing in the press, both about general economic issues and about my specific research. His Ph.D in economics was awarded in July 2013 by the University of Edinburgh. Before returning to university to study economics, he was a qualified life insurance Actuary. His previous degrees were in Mathematics and Physics.