David Veredas

Professor of Quantitative Finance at ECARES, Université Libre De Bruxelles

David Veredas is Professor of Quantitative Finance ECARES, an institute of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management at the Université libre de Bruxelles. In 2007 he was a founding member of the Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE), since September 2010 he directs the Financial Econometrics group of the School, in 2012 he has been appointed Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School (London). He is a specialist tail risk, volatility, systemic risk, and vast dimensional financial systems. His research is published regularly in international peer-review journals, including top-field outlets. Training wise, he teaches (or has taught) quantitative risk management and financial econometrics in, among others, the University of Paris IX Dauphine (Paris), Cass Business School (London), the Duisenberg School of Finance (Amsterdam), the Swiss Banking Institute (Zurich), and the New Economic School (Moscow). He holds a BA in Economics and a BA in Statistics from University Carlos III de Madrid, and a MA and a PhD in Economics from the Université catholique de Louvain (CORE). Prior to joining ECARES, he was a Post-doctoral Fellow at CIRANO, Montreal, and a Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellow at CentER, Tilburg. He has done long-term visits at Stern School of Business of New York University, and the Spanish Central Bank in Madrid.