Ebrahim Rahbari

Global Head of Foreign Exchange Analysis at Citibank

Ebrahim Rahbari is Citi‘s Chief G10 Currency Strategist and Global Head of FX Analysis and Content, based in New York. In this role, Ebrahim oversees Citi’s FX content team based in Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo, with a mandate to shape Citi’s views on G10 currencies and provide FX analysis and other content across G10 FX Strategy, FX Wire (market commentary and trader content), and technical analysis. Previously, Ebrahim was the Head of Global Macroeconomics within Citi Research where his mandate was to shape Citi’s views on global economic developments, major policy issues, major events, significant themes and longer-term trends, including G10 monetary policy, trends in global growth and inflation, cycle turning points and crises. Before that, Ebrahim was a senior global economist for Citi in New York and a Director of European and Global Economics in London, where he focused on economic developments in the Eurozone, including the ECB and the European sovereign debt and banking crisis, and was Citi's lead economist for Germany (2013-15) and for Spain (in 2012). Ebrahim holds a Master's degree and PhD in Economics from London Business School and a BA (Hons) in Economics and Management from Oxford University (Balliol College).