Eran Yashiv

Member, Centre for Macroeconomics at London School Of Economics And Political Science, Professor of Economics, the Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University

Eran Yashiv is a faculty member of the Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University. He is a macroeconomist, mostly interested in the role of labor market frictions in business cycles, asset pricing implications of labor market frictions, economic and public health epidemic management policy, and minorities and migration issues. He has written over 60 papers, which have been published, inter alia, in the American Economic Review, Quantitative Economics, the Review of Economic Dynamics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics. He has been awarded three ISF research grants. He has been working on epidemic management issues from an economics and public health perspective: from April 2020 collaborating with system biologists at the Weizmann Institute of Science and from September 2022 scientists at Georgia Tech. Another line of research he pursues pertains to the labor market of Palestinian Arabs in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. The latter papers have been published in academic journals and as policy papers. ​ Eran has been a visiting faculty member at MIT (1991), NYU (1992, 1994, 2003), HEC (1994-2001), LSE (2003-2006, 2017) and UCL (2019-2020). He is a research fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), at the Center for Macroeconomics (CfM) at the London School of Economics, at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) in University College, London and at IZA, Bonn. In recent years, Eran has been a consultant to the Bank of England and to the Bank of Israel on issues regarding labor markets. These were projects involving both academic, empirical work and policy prescriptions. ​ In the years 2012 and 2013, Eran was Chair of the Public Policy Department at Tel Aviv University. In 2013 he founded the Center for Regulation Policy at Tel Aviv University and was its first Director. He was head of the Economics and National Security program at the INSS from 2014 to 2018. Eran was involved in other policy related activity: as Academic Director of the Sapir Forum for Economic Policy (2012-2014) and as head of the Economics Program at the Taub Center (2010-2013); he was the head of the Macroeconomics team at the 17th annual Caesarea conference (2009), and has been a consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Labor. In the context of Israeli economic policy issues he has published numerous OpEd pieces in Haaretz, The Marker, and Globes. On wider issues he has published OpEds in the New York Times and in the Financial Times.