Eric Bettinger

Associate Professor of Education at Stanford University

Eric Bettinger is an Associate Professor of Education at Stanford University's School of Education. He is an expert on strategies to improve students' access and success in college with a particular emphasis on financial aid and using information to promote financial literacy. Dr. Bettinger helped organize and direct a large-scale randomized evaluation of the FAFSA experiment, which streamlines the financial aid application process for low-income families in the United States. In recent years, Dr. Bettinger has conducted both group-based and individual-based randomized experiments including randomized evaluations of the College Advising Corps in Texas, college coaching and mentoring, financial aid awareness and information, and text message based interventions. In all of his research, Dr. Bettinger has performed complex matching of administrative records to outcome data from educational institutions, government, and other organizations which track students, including the National Student Clearinghouse. Dr. Bettinger's research has been funded by the Gates Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Education. Bettinger is also a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Dr. Bettinger earned a bachelor's degree from BYU and a doctorate in economics from MIT.