Fabrizio Ghisellini

Director for Financial Operations at Ministry of the Economy and Finance of Italy

Fabrizio Ghisellini is Director for financial operations at the Ministry of the Economy (MEF)and Finance, Italy. Previously he was Director, State Aid and Competition Policies at the Ministry, where he was responsible for the recapitalization of banks during the financial crisis and for relationships and negotiation with the European commission. He has also served as CIO/CFO for the City of Rome and was also Head of International Borrowing and Liability Management at the Ministry of Treasury, Italy. Fabrizio was recently appointed Adjunct Professor in Behavioural Economics and has also led classes in behavioural economics in different Rome Universities. He is the author of two books written in Italian, both aimed at popularizing key concepts in personal finance and behavioral economics and finance. Fabrizio holds a PhD in Economics from Queen Mary College, London and a Master in Economics from Manchester University.