Francesca Loria is a principal economist at the Federal Reserve Board, where she works on policy analysis and research on the interaction between financial market conditions and economic activity. In particular, her most recent research focuses on quantifying and understanding macro-financial linkages in the context of macroeconomic risk. Previously, she analyzed and projected equipment and intangibles investment for the staff forecast in the Household and Business Spending Section of the Division of Research&Statistics. Francesca obtained her Ph.D. from the European University Institute. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago and the Centre de Economia Internacional (CREi), a visiting professor at Universitat Pompey Fabra, and interned at Norges Bank and the European Central Bank during her graduate studies. She co-taught classes on advanced modeling and macroeconometric methods to economists in academia, central banks, governmental institutions and the private sector. She also developed and contributed to statistical toolboxes for macroeconomic forecasting (F.I.T.) and the assessment of quantitative business cycle models (BCAppIt!).